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Photo taken in Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

I love to travel. I know I haven't seen that much of the world (most of my travels so far have been within the borders of Europe), but I will. I have a huge bucket list of places to go, views to see, experiences to have and, obviously, pictures to take. I'd love to go on a road trip from NYC to San Francisco. Climb Icelandic glaciers. Go back to Kenya and watch cheetahs hunt. Rent a scooter and drive along the coast of Italy. Or Spain.

No matter where my travels take me, I always love to come home. Sometimes I'm already longing for home on the way back, sometimes it strikes me the moment I open my front door. When we came back from Kenya it was soooo weird, but a good weird. Our home seemed extra clean and white... And the floors were so dark (most Kenyan houses have colored walls and white(ish) floors). But since most of out vacations involve camping, it's usually just awesome to be inside a house again.

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