Friday, 4 April 2014

Guess what I found

Spring has been showing off last week, and it was glorious. Trees are blooming everywhere, and I particularly like the magnolias this year :)

This morning I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled, and I gave myself the afternoon off to relax, watch some series on Netflix, catch up on Project Life and read blogs. Here are a few awesome things I stumbled upon:

What are you doing? Oh, just taking awesome shots of my LEGO figure.

I hope one day I'll have a bath. Rachel makes taking a bath sound divine.

This post about rejection resonated with me (it's in Dutch, though.)

list of 50 awesome chick flicks? Sure, bring it on :)

 Since I'm hoping to pay off quite a bit of my student loan soon, I loved this article on how to have a great life without spending.

Which nouns describe you best?

If you ready one article today, read this article on why we get hooked on super normal stimuli such as the Internet and fast food. This article feeds my inner nerd :)

Have you heard about Elise's newest project? It's a podcast called Elise Gets Crafty and it rocks.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Since we moved to our new house, I've been having a bit of a creative block. Especially when it comes to writing blog posts, and taking pictures.. as you probably have noticed ;)

I've been thinking about where on earth that block came from, and many, many options came to mind. I started with things like: my head is just busy with other things, I'm more interested in decorating the house, it's the time of the year. Then things progressed to: I'm not good enough at writing blog posts, my pictures just suck anyway, is anybody even reading this? And then I realised that something I have been trying to avoid has been slowly but surely creeping up on me: comparison.

"Don't compare your beginning to someone elses middle." It's a quote that planted itself firmly in my head when I read it first, and has come up to the surface many times since. Still, somehow I completely forgot about it for a while, and see where that got me: hardly writing and posting at all. I'm trying to be too serious, not posting the quick, fun, quirky stories that happen to me. Why? Beats me!
So I'm trying to be less critical towards my own work. Or at least, not overcriticize it. When I started this blog, I never intended to publish only perfect posts. It was a way for me to share my pictures, document my life and just have fun. So that's what I want to return to. It's been forever since I took pictures for the sake of taking pictures, and it's time to follow my own words: Oh, just shoot!

I'm taking this new found enthousiasm and I'm using it to kickstart two of my 25 goals at 25: grow my blog and let it thrive, and give my blog a massive makeover. I'm excited to get to work :)

Do you have any tips about what you would like to read on this little blog of mine? Please let me know! :)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Here's to the three moms in my life

Just now I was cycling home from the train station, letting my mind wander after an exhausting journey. I started thinking about my mother in law, then about my own mom, and my dad's wife (my step mom technically, but I hate that word). They are women that I have known for either my whole life, or quite a big chunk of it. All three of them have very different ways of living, and under different circumstances: one is divorced and currently single, the other is married and has been for over 30 years, the third is divorced and remarried. But one thing they have in common is that they are such strong women. Between them they have battled depression, raised children, cared for parents suffering from Alzheimer's disease and cancer, survived divorce and came out stronger, struggled with a very stubborn teenager (who, me?!). And they are still standing strong.

I have learned so much from them. With all of them I've had disagreements and misunderstandings.We've shared tears of both grief and laughter. They have given me advise, criticised me, picked me up when I was down, gave me new perspective on things. Showed me things I want to take with me in life, and things I want to do differently.

I consider myself so very lucky to be able to watch these three women, learn from them, listen to them, love them.

So on this International Women's Day: Mieke, Johanna and Kitty - thank you. For everything. XXX

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Move - January and February

 It took me forever to get my photos for both my Project Life album and my One Little Word album, and then it took me forever to get pictures of the latter. But here we are. Tonight I'm sharing my progress on my MOVE album.

It took me until the end of January to really get thinking and writing about what I wanted from my word for 2014. How did I want to incorporate it into my life, what did I want to learn? I kept thinking and thinking, but all I really needed to do was sit down and write.

One of the assignments this month was to find one or more quotes that inspired you in relation to your word. I looked through my quotes board on pinterest, and wondered why these two didn't come to mind right away. I have loved both for a very long time, and they describe exactly what I want with the coming year.

So there you have it, my intentions for the upcoming year. O right... it's written in Dutch ;)
Basically I want to invest in my body - exercise, eat healthy; my blog - write original, fun content, design a site that I'm proud of; my job - find a job that I love; my relationships - invest more time in my friends and loved ones, really be there when I see them; my emotions - find more balance, listen to what my heart and my gut tell me. Overall I want to be more proactive, not just look at the lives of others and be jealous, but really focus on creating the life that I want to live.

On to February's assignment: write down some goals to work on my intentions.

So far I have 6:
1. Make my blog thrive
2. Meditate
3. Eat healthy
4. Run! a 5k race and a 10k one
5. Quality time with Imre
6. Spend time with friends

I will probably add more, but I'll see what the coming months have in store before I fill them in.

I'll (make and) share my March pages soon. I hear we're making a vision board. I love to play with glue and paper, so I'm excited!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Guess what I found?

My best friend's birthday is today, it's a beautiful day and there's sunshine on a day I'm not stuck inside IKEA! Woohoo :) And if everything goes well, I get to bring home a new mattress today, and a beautiful new dresser. Fingers crossed!
In the mean time I have some fun links for you.

I found this post on communication very inspiring.

I love this alternative epilogue to Harry Potter

I would love to have his dance moves...

These colorized historical photographs look so realistic!

Try to be friends with failure

I love this commercial

If Harry Potter was made by Disney...

Some of these creative rituals sound like they could actually work for me

Elise's awesome new business venture: Make29